Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sparkly Owl Ring

Happy Halloween
For tonight's project I have a cute owl ring!!

I'm using EnviroTex Jewelry Clay...

For my focal piece I'm using a pink owl previously made with EasyCast Resin and a Martha Stewart Mold.

I found this ring at WalMart and knew it had potential. It has a epoxy sticker glued into a recessed area. I'm using an awl to pick away at the corner and pry it out!

Now I have a nice indent to work with!

Put on your gloves and mix up a small batch of Jewelry Clay...

Fill in the area on top of the ring...

Press your focal piece into the clay first...

Then add some gemstones around it...

Lastly, brush on a coat of PearlEx to color the exposed clay areas.
I'm using PearlEx 692 Duo Green-Purple. PearlEx works wonderfully with resin.
You can check out all the colors they make here:

Let this set for 24 hours to cure.

Once hardened brush off any excess PearlEx Powder.

I love pink and sparkly and it was so easy to do!!

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  1. Super cool ring Emily! I have been wanting to try the resin stuff, I really need to get on it...among so many other things! LOL!


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