Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Hair Clip

 Tonight I'm sharing a sweet pumpkin hair clip!

I'm using EasyCast Resin, opaque yellow coloring, translucent red coloring, glow in the dark glitter, green ribbon, and a pumpkin mold.

This mold is one of several great molds by http://juliesbits.blogspot.com/ They work wonderfully with resin and polymer clay and can even be used for food! You can check them out here:
http://www.etsy.com/shop/WhysperFairy?ref=em and here:

 Mix up a batch of EasyCast resin.
*ETI recommends wearing gloves for your safety* Gloves also help keep your nails nice!
Color it yellow and add a touch of red to get the shade of orange you like.
I also added some glow in the dark glitter to the mix.

Fill the mold with resin and let set for 24-72 hours until completely hardened.

Isn't the detail of this mold great?! 

To turn it into a hair pin you'll also need a hair clip and some E-6000.

Make a cluster of loops with the green ribbon....

I'm using the hair clip to help hold them in place...

Glue the ends of the loops together to secure them, a toothpick helps get into the tiny folds...

Make a second cluster for the other side...

Glue these together by overlapping the ends...

Then add some E-6000 to the pumpkin and firmly press in the center of the ribbon.

Let this set for a while before continuing.

Now add some E-6000 to the hair clip...

Press it firmly to the back of the ribbons and let it set for 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion.

What a sweet little hair clip with the ribbons acting as the pumpkin's vine!

In the dark the glitter adds a ghoulish glow!

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