Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Open Back Glass Bezel

Tonight's project is a super cool open back piece in a glass bezel!

The glass bezel is from Trinket Foundry! They have some amazing tumbled glass pieces that work perfectly with resin!

I'm using EnviroTex Lite, Trinket Foundry Glass, a jack o'lantern button, some adhesive shelf liner and double-sided tape.

Cut off the button shank...

Try to get it flush to the back of the button.

Apply some double-sided tape to the patterned side of the shelf liner.

Tape the shelf liner to your work surface pattern side down.
Remove the backing and seal the glass piece to the adhesive.

Mix up a batch of EnviroTex Lite and fill the glass piece about halfway full.
*ETI recommends wearing gloves for your safety* Gloves also help keep your nails nice! 

Add the button and finish filling the piece, covering the button.

Let this set for 24-72 hours to harden completely.

Peel away the shelf liner and you have a gorgeous open back piece!

To turn this piece into a necklace you'll need E-6000, a bail, jump rings, pliers, and a necklace cord.

To turn this awesome glass piece into a pendant I'm using Aanraku Silver Leaf Medium Bails. Aanraku has loads of pieces that work perfectly with resin! You can check out what they offer here: http://store.abasg.com/mm5/merchant.mvc

 Add some E-6000 to the bail...

These bails are so pretty I'm attaching it to the front of the piece!
Let it set for 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion.

Attach it to the necklace with a jump ring.

I love the look of a floating jack o'lantern!


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