How to mix a batch of Amazing Resin

This is Amazing Casting Resin.
This variety of resin hardens completely in 10 minutes and sets to opaque white.

I'm also using Alumilite Pearlescent Powder by the same makers of Amazing Casting Resin.
This is an optional product but since I'm using it for this tutorial I wanted to make sure you knew what I was using :)

Spray the mold with mold release and let it dry.
*Optional* Brush the mold with the Pearlescent Powder.

Once your mold is ready you can mix up a batch of Amazing Casting Resin.

This resin is a 2 part resin that mixes together with a 1:1 ratio.
Pour part a into your measuring cup and remember the amount.
 *If you are adding color- Add it Now*
Keep in mind the colors will probably turn out pastel as the resin turns white.

 Add part 2 in the same amount as part 1
Ex. 1 tsp of part 1 and 1 tsp of part 2

Mix together quickly.
It will start to get hot fast...

Pour immediately you only have a minute or two before it will start to harden...

Almost as soon as it turned white it hardened too much to pour...

Within 3 minutes of mixing it was setting so- work in Very Small Batches!!

It is ready to unmold in only 10 minutes!
The pearlescent powder is what gives these the shimmer, if you didn't use it these would be opaque white (or a pastel shade if you added color) and the finish (matte or glossy) would depend on the mold you used.


  1. Hello I just want to ask your advice, does this dry clear opaque? As I want to add objects into the resin for decoration, so could you advise me please.

    1. This resin looks clear when it is first mixed but as you stir it quickly turns to opaque white. It sets white as well.
      It is designed to be painted or used for things that you would want white like snowflakes, snowmen, etc.
      This brand does make a clear resin but it takes longer to set. I believe that it is called Amazing Clear Cast. The box also looks different (I recall it having a wine glass on the front). I think I saw it at Michael's Arts and Craft store the other day. Hope that helps :)


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