Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Domino Jewelry

Dominos make great bases for resin jewelry and they are so easy to make.

I sized and printed out some pictures from the internet.
Trace the domino onto the pictures and cut out.
Using Mod Podge glue the images to the dominos and coat the tops to seal them.

Mix up a batch of Easycast Resin and add some to the top of the piece.
Drag to the edges of the domino with the toothpick.
*ETI suggests wearing gloves when working with resin for safety* Gloves also help keep your nails nice :)

Let these set for 24 -72 hours to harden.

Use E-6000 to attach jewelry findings to the dominos.

Let set for 24 hours for maximum adhesion.

These are so cute!

 Such a unique ring shape.

For the necklace I used an Aanraku Silver Medium Leaf Bail.

They have wonderful metal pieces that work great with resin.
Check out all they offer here:


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