Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gingerbread Man and Giveaway Winner

It's December and time to get on top of Christmas gift making!
I have a week of Christmas themed projects and gift appropriate projects starting today with this cute little gingerbread man necklace. You may remember it from my Christmas in July post but he is so sweet I had to post it again!!

This mold is from Cats-Purrfect!
She makes molds for resin. She sculpts the original pieces and casts the molds herself and sells them for a great price at her site! She has a lot of different molds available and she even has a YouTube channel display her molds!
You can get your own molds here:
And check out videos of them here:

I'm using EasyCast Resin, Cats-Purrfect Gingerbread Man Mold, Castin' Crafts Opaque Pigment in Red, Green, Black, Brown, Yellow, and Pearl, a Castin'Crafts Jewelry Mold, and some glitter!

I'm going to fill in the deepest areas of the mold first which are the face, bow tie, and buttons.
I'm using black, red, green, and some glitter- you could really use any colors here but I'm going traditional!

Spray both the Gingerbread Man Mold and Jewelry Mold with some Castin' Crafts Mold Release!Mix up a batch of EasyCast Resin!
*Here's a neat tip* Since I only need small amounts of each color and don't want to waste a bunch of cups, pour some resin into the small cavities of the jewelry mold and use them as mixing cups!

Mix the colors and glitter as desired directly in the jewelry mold cavities using toothpicks. Try not to scrape the mold with the toothpick though. And be carefully not to add too much dye because it can affect the resin hardening. When your left overs have set they should pop out just like normal leaving you with a clean mold and no wasted cups!

Use some toothpicks to carefully fill in the little gingerbread man's features and let these set for at least an hour or two before continuing.

Mix up another batch of EasyCast and color this one brown for his body. I used a mixture of Pearl, Brown, and a touch of Yellow to try and get a real "gingerbread" look.

Fill in the body with the brown. Try not to pour directly on the previous resin to avoid disrupting it!

Let the resin set for 24-72 hours to harden completely.

Look how cute he is!!

To turn this guy into a necklace I used a red necklace (from Hobby Lobby), some E-6000, and a Aanraku Bail.
I'm using Large Silver Plated Pattern Bails from Aanraku Glass Studios
They have some wonderful pieces that work great with resin.
You can check their products out here:

Apply some E-6000 to the bail...

Firmly press it to the back of the gingerbread man. Let this sit for 24 hours to get maximum adhesion.

Now we have an adorable necklace to spread some holiday cheer! Or to put away for stocking stuffers!

And now it is time to announce the winner of the Resin Supplies Giveaway!

Congratulations to Commenter #5 Catherine Sebring!

You have 1 week to claim your prize.
E-mail your mailing info to me at davisbabe @ gmail .com

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