Monday, December 16, 2013

Pressed Flowers on a Wooden Cabochon

This is a great piece for nature lovers. It is made with pressed flowers.

The base is a wooden cabochon from Magic Wooden Jewel!
These are wonderful handcrafted wooden pieces that work wonderfully with resin!

Check them out here:

The first thing you want to do is seal the wood with some Mod Podge.
Seal the back too.

I glued the flowers and leaves to the wooden cabochon using some Glossy Accents to keep them in place while I pour the resin.

Put down a layer of wax paper to cover your work surface.
Mix up a batch of EasyCast Resin. 
*ETI suggests wearing gloves when working with resin for safety* Gloves also help keep your nails nice :)

 Slowly pour the resin over the cabochon...

Use a toothpick to make sure the flowers and leaves have been completely covered.
You can add another layer of resin if it seems thin.
Let this set for 24-72 hours to harden.

Trim the stray edges of the resin with a pair of scissors.

Now you have a preserved flower piece!

This is a picture of what happens if you forget to coat the back with Mod Podge.
The wood soaks up some of the resin and discolors if it isn't sealed.
Luckily this is the back of the piece :)

To turn the piece into a necklace I'm using some E-6000 and a bail.

The bail I'm using is a Silver Medium Heart Bail from Aanraku Glass Studios.
They make wonderful metal pieces that work great with resin.
Check out all they offer here:

Attach it with some E-6000 and let it set for 24 hours for maximum adhesion.

Add a necklace with a jump ring and your necklace is ready to wear or give as a gift.
This could work with any pressed flower that would fit on the cabochon's surface, I used baby's breath and fern leaves.

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