Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooky Eyes Pendant

Tonight's project is a doorway filled with spooky red eyes!

I'm using EnviroTex jewelry clay, gloves, baby powder, rolling pin, a stamp set, and eye shadow.
Also, Resin Spray, Envirotex Lite, and red coloring.

Put on your gloves.
Mix up a batch of jewelry clay and shape it into a door shape.

Stamp some eyes into the clay creating deep impressions.

Coat the piece in some black eyeshadow.

Poke a hole in the top with a toothpick for a jump ring.

Let this set to harden overnight.

Once harden spray with a coat of Resin Spray.

This will seal in the eyeshadow.

It also adds a great shine!

Mix up batch of EnviroTex Lite and color it red.
I also added some red glitter.

Use a toothpick to fill in the eyes with resin.

Let the resin set for 24-72 hours to harden.

Attach to a necklace with a jump ring  and you're ready to get your spook on!

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