Friday, November 15, 2013

Resin Time Is Any Time Submission

Resin Designer Carmi Cimicata is doing a project for this year's CHA Show in January.
The project uses a time piece for the base and calls for the use of either resin or jewelry clay. All of the submissions will be on display at the ETI booth and also photographed for her blog to find out more head here:

I wanted to share my submission which will be shipped back to Carmi in the very near future:

I'm calling it Resin Time is Time to Help and Heal
I have recently been accepted to nursing school and will be starting in January so this piece has a bit of extra meaning for me.
I also wanted to encompass the idea that it is healing to be able to express yourself through creativity whether it be resin or another medium.
And of course, helping which is something nurses do but also something I have tried to do here for people new to resin through my tutorials.

I won't bore you with all of the tedious details so here's a brief rundown of the process used to make this piece:

I found images on the internet, sized them down, and printed them out.
Cut out the individual images and coated them all with 3 coats, front and back, with Mod Podge. (Yes this took a while!)
I then (using EasyCast Resin) made a series of separate pours:
I put the base image in at the bottom (the caduceus) and topped it with a coat of resin, then let it set for ~12 hours.
I added another layer of images (the syringes), topped with resin and let set ~12 hours.
I then added a coat of resin and submerged the band-aids so they were more dimensional and let set ~12 hours.
Lastly, I added the nurse image and domed the piece and let it set for 24-72 hours until completely hardened.

Very Time consuming but I suppose that is appropriate for a Time themed piece!


  1. Congratulations on being accepted into nursing school, your piece is lovely and absolutely worth all the time you put into it!


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