Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lost Girl Captured Fae Resin

Lost Girl Season 4 Starts this Sunday. It is about a whole underground world of fae that live secretly among humans. I got to thinking about another fun craft - captured fairy jars and how these could be turned into fun resin pieces!

I started out by printing out some pictures sized to the mold...

This is a mold from Yaley Enterprises.
They make resin and Deep Flex Resin Molds along with a variety of colorants.
Check out all the offer here:

I'm turning them into fae by adding wings. It can be made super easy by using these wing stamps by Paper Wings Productions.

I'm using StazOn in Jet Black to stamp the wings onto some white glitter paper...

I then cut out the pets and the wings...

I then glued on the wings with some Glossy Accents...

Seal with about 3 coats of Mod Podge front and back.

Spray the mold with mold release and mix up a batch of EasyCast Resin.
*ETI recommends wearing gloves for your safety* Gloves also help keep your nails nice!
Fill the mold about halfway full with resin.

Submerge your furry fae face down and finish filling the mold with resin.
Let set for 24- 72 hours to harden.

Now you have some captured fae!

I'm using some Glossy Accents to glue a piece of gold glitter paper to the back of the piece.

Then dome the back with another coat of resin and let set for additional time to harden.

Once the piece has finished hardening I'm using E-6000 to add an Aanraku Medium Heart Bail...

Press firmly to the back of the piece and let set for 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion.

Isn't this the cutest captured fae?!

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