Friday, March 15, 2013

Mini Potion Bottles

I am a big sci/fi fantasy geek- LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Twilight, and Harry Potter! The books, the movies, the accessories!!!

When I saw these adorable little glass bottles in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby I could not resist grabbing some!! And for what better purpose than to make some tiny potions to carry around!

Supplies at the ready!

EasyCast Resin.
 *ETI suggests wearing gloves when working with resin for safety* Gloves also help keep your nails nice :)

Potion ingredients: fine glitter, tinsel glitter, chunky glitter, glitter shapes, mylar flakes... I do love some sparkles!

If you want you potion to have a color base some acrylic paint is a cheap option for opaque.
These little plastic clamps were found at Dollar Tree and can help hold the little bottles but you can also prop them up with what ever you have on hand.


Mix up a small batch of EasyCast Resin.

If you want a potion with a clear base, go ahead and pour some resin into a little bottle. A paper cup is great for this because you can pinch a pour spout. Be sure to leave some room for the potion ingredients!

Pour in some ingredients of your choice. For this one I am using mylar flakes (found in a pack of 8 at Dollar Tree in the finger nail stuff). Mylar flakes don't settle as much as glitter so you can better position them how you like. There is some settling though, so you may want to add more flakes in 20-30 minutes.

I used a head pin to push the flakes into the bottle and position them how I wanted.

To get the flakes into the "shoulders" of the heart shape, I bent the eye into a hook shape.

For a color base, I added some acrylic paint to the rest of the resin.

A drop is really all you need.

Carefully pour the resin into the bottle.

For this one, I am using some matching glitter. Glitter does settle in the resin so you can Repeat this step in 20- 30 minutes. I used a head pin to stir it into the bottle. Leave these to set for 24-72 hours.

Once the resin is hardened, we can put the corks back in. As you can see, I filled the heart too full for the cork to go in all the way. Don't worry!

Trim a bit from the bottom of the cork using a craft knife if you need to!

Check to be sure the corks sit how you want them to.

For extra security, I am using E-6000 to glue the corks in place. Just run some along the bottom edge of the cork and push the corks firmly in place. Let the glue dry for 24 hours for maximum adhesion.

Here they are, all ready for their chain!

Grab a jump ring with a pair of jewelry pliars. With a second set of pliers twist it open. Slide the jump ring into the ring in the cork. For the heart, I put the entire chain into the jump ring so it can slide freely.

For the star, I hooked the jump ring onto a single chain link so that it will be held in place on the chain.

All done and ready to wear to Hogwarts!

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