Saturday, June 1, 2013

Glowing Ombre Key Chain

I wanted to branch out with my glow in the dark resin. This time I've used multiple colors to get an ombre effect.

My supplies: EasyCast Resin, spoons and cups (1 for each color- I used heavy duty cupcake liners because I was short on paper cups), Glow in the Dark puff paint, key chain bezel, alphabet beads, shaped glitter, and tweezers.
*ETI suggests wearing gloves when working with resin for safety* Gloves also help keep your nails nice :)

I started by spelling a word and making sure that it fit into the keychain.

Next, I mixed a small batch of resin.


I divided the resin into all the cups (cupcake liners).

I added a dab of glow in the dark puff paint into each cup and mixed well.

Work quickly to keep the colors from running all around. The thickness from the added puff paint helps give a few extra seconds to switch between colors.

I started with the natural color and poured a strip diagonally across the top portion of the bezel.

I added strips of green, yellow, and orange to fill the bezel.

I used the back of my spoon to blend the edges where the color meet.

Next, I added my alphabet beads. I started by adding the first and last letter, then the middle letter, then in between those to try and get even spacing.

Then, I went around the word with these little flower shaped glitter in green, yellow, and orange.

Let this sit for 24-72 hours for the resin to harden.

It looks awesome under a black light!

It also glows super bright!! Now, I shouldn't have any problems finding my keys in the bottom of my purse!


  1. Nice! Maybe my sis need a charm similar to this to attach to her mobile phone case, she always cannot find her mobile phone :P

    -- cfchai (Follow me #11)

    1. Thanks! I think this idea could work for a phone charm too :)

  2. how could you keep such nice nails with such hobby? :)

    Sweet little thing! So pity that I can`t do any kind of art :(

    Follow me #11 taisafinskaia

    1. Thanks! Gloves help to keep them clean between photos!

  3. Oooh my God you such an artist in deed and would like to reconnect with you. Maybe can you design clothes using #African fabric? Check out Helwa Collections and let's talk

    Anyway would try and make this one of this days and share with you

    Helwa from Swap

    1. Thanks :) Would love to see yours if you try it!


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