Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bubble Gum Machine Rings

I still have a habit of looking at the bank of gumball machines on the way out of stores. I also have a tendency to peruse the toy section keeping an eye out for cuteness that can be captured in resin. Guess I'm still a kid at heart :) This project is a super cute way to capture the look of those quarter machines and would make awesome party favors!

I did this project twice- the first round I used actual quarter machine prizes along with EasyCast Resin, Castin' Crafts Mold Release, and a ball ice cube tray.

The second round I used some Squinkies toys which were a bit cuter than the ones from the gumball machine!

Spray the bottom half of the ice cube tray with some mold release and mix up a batch of resin.
*ETI suggests wearing gloves when working with resin for safety* Gloves also help keep your nails nice :)
Pour the resin into a couple of the cavities filling it about half way.

Place the toy in the resin face down.

Finish filling the cavity covering the toy as much as possible then let these set to harden for 24-72 hours.

Unmold just like you would ice and you have some cute little gumball machine prizes!

The dome shape causes a magnifying effect...

Here is a side view.

To turn these into ring you just need some E-6000 and some ring blanks. Put them back into the mold to make it easier to apply the jewelry pieces.

Apply a dab of glue to the ring blank...

Press firmly to the back of the resin piece.
Let the glue set for 24 hours to get maximum adhesion.

Quarter machine baubles to wear and best of all you get to pick the prize inside!!

For a cute party favor presentation you could gift these in decorated gumball machine capsules!


  1. Cool idea! My niece and nephews love Squinkies and I'm sure they'll both get crazy when they see this! Thanks for sharing!

    H2OBaby (Follow Me #15 - Swap-bot)

  2. These adorable!! They would make really cute magnets too!
    Magena22(Follow Me 15)


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